Maybe in our next life, baby

To unrequited loves and broken hearts over interracial and caste marriages. The premise of these romances always start in such a whirlwind manner, sweeping you off your feet. Down the line after six to seven months reality hits home. The idea of leaving the other is something so foreign, the taste of it is like acid in your mouth. Flings and casual relationships which were never meant to turn so serious, gets the better of you. It is the elusive tale of mind over heart.

With the landscape of today’s generation falling into these habits and lifestyle, we, the youth of today are breaking and defying all barriers. We are testing taboos and limits set from generations ago. In lucky instances we manage to cross that line, and others we are pushed back into the realms of culture.

Love is a funny thing. When we have the greatest love we also have the greatest test. Sometimes we have to listen to society but mostly when it comes to matters of the heart, we can not be told what to do.

Maybe if I believed in the notion of different lives, I would gladly spend the rest of them with you.


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