Creativity should NOT be graded

Being an Arts student for the majority of my life, the notion of grading art was always foreign to me. Some artwork which I would create with no effort or passion behind it would be greeted with waves of curiosity and wonderful remarks, and the ones with passion would not even be glanced at.

This replicated all the way through College and University. The framework which tutors use to grade and ascertain a credit rating for an individual’s work, is baffling to me. Through my two years at University, there have been instances during various modules where I have worked day and night to create an aesthetically pleasing solution to the project brief. The result of this is always met with a lower grade than expected. When asked for feedback, the feedback given is always a measely subjective opinion given by tutors. The grading criteria is a tool created to restrict art and suck the living passion which you once brought to the table. The Art institution is a joke when it comes to grading art. It is one big fucking joke if you ask me, so save your tears sweetheart and do freelance work, gain some experience and don’t spend 3 hellish years dictated by tutors aspirations and criteria’s.


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