Why every female needs an Annalise Keating


Yes you heard it. I’m talking about Annalise Keating a.k.a the sassy, straight talking, cut to the bullshit, 3 dimensional female protagonist television has seen for a long time.

With the landscape of television slowly changing from the over saturated male protagonists doing manly stuff, and somewhat including a female in between shots to illustrate sex, misogyny within the workplace or to portray how women are irrational and need a man constantly by their side. “How to get away with murder” is neither of these things. It is refreshing and well needed within the television/ Netflix/ Amazon era.

With a female protagonist being the central lead within the thrilling drama, the series is compelling and captivating. Yes there are hot sultry scenes, but the shows primary focus is not on the basis of females emotions. It is more tangible than that. It depicts to women and girls crying out for representation that yes women are too, intellectual, a good leader (note how I did not say bossy) sharp quick thinkers and conniving. Stepping away from the protagonist, the series is well written and executed in an exciting manner. Showing flashbacks from the first episode (Spoiler alert) the retelling of events is shown in a timely precise manner which wraps up the first season perfectly.

Having watched various other series such as Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Arrow and Flash, I felt I could not relate to these series. Being consistently asked by guys my age what t.v shows I watch and having none in common to them, this is the reason why. Many of them have a central male lead with very few women characters and if they do, the character development shown is little to none.

Scream is another slasher series which I managed to complete in the process of 3 days (no kidding). The original storyline was fun and kept me on the edge of my seat, but the characters frustrated me. Especially the mother. There was no development with her character, and the director showed no interaction from a woman to daughter bonding angle. It felt very staged and somewhat fake. Maybe I do not live in the ideal fantasy setting most American series depicts, in regards with teenagers having the perfect life.

This is why more series such as “How to get away with murder” need to be produced. Shows with POC as the lead interest. Shows like this ganner interest as it is different and not the plain textbook storyline.

To all my female readers, and men go out and watch “How to get away with murder” if you haven’t already. It sure is worthy of your time. 


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