Does #6side have a problem with women?

April 29 2016. It is here. It is written in flesh. The highly anticipated album from Canadian rapper/singer Drake will be releasing soon with various tracks leaked in order for the extra hype and talk.If you have been living under a rock, I have come with news. Drake is back. Summer is his for the taking. 

The various tracks which are already in the public domain from ‘Come and see me, Faithful, One Dance, Pop Style and Controlla’ have features from the likes of Jay-Z, Kanye West to Pimp-C and Popcaan. There is a pattern forming here if you haven’t already guessed it, or if male entitlement blinds you, but there are no female artists featuring. Thus so far from what I can collect, there probably will be no collab with a female artist. This is saddening to think. The king of exposure, Aubrey Drake Graham can not put a single female yet the smooth talking, get you to bed rapping Drake can continuously sing in regards with the fairer sex.

Let’s break it down for those who do not have the ball park figure. The amount of times Drake has mentioned a women in his songs, and here I’m referring to a sexual desire or experience with them is above/below 129 times. From his first mixtape “Room for Improvement” to what we have gathered from “Views from the 6.” 129. Honey if I didn’t know Drake was a rapper I would have called him out to be a male escort for the taking.

You might argue that, hey there was that song he did with Rihanna and Nicki. Okay if we take that into account, he has collaborated with 4 females. In the landscape of hip-hop and R&B where women are constantly fighting to voice themselves, Drake has collaborated with just 4. It is a shame that the king of Toronto can sign on names such as PARTYNEXTDOOR, Majid Jordan, ILoveMakonnen and Roy Woods but no female artist. I’m sorry, but did all the females suddenly disappear or is there a misogynistic bone in your body Drake, which does not allow you to express your love for women apart from singing out their names and sexually objectifying them? You can’t have it just one way. You can not keep screaming women but not appreciating them for their efforts. You are no way helping women out here. Your music might be sweet ( when I’m not taking in the patriarchal lyrics into account) but women deserve a voice. If not now, when? After your affair with women ends? Because we both know that’s a long way off…


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