For the broken hearts 

To mend a broken heart is a fragile journey laced with the intricacies of memories. Short term happiness such as going out and flinging yourself in the arms of another lover is a bittersweet sensation. Long term happiness is where it gets tricky. From deleting conversations and pictures to erasing all record of them, feels good at the time…

But what happens at 4am when you wonder whether they were the one, and you should have put in more effort? What happens when the faint smell of their aftershave sends your mind in a frenzy? What happens when the slight mention of their name still catches your breath?

Love is the answer. Let go of the hate. Let go of the anger you have for them. Love yourself. Immerse yourself in platonic love. Surround yourself with positive, vibrant, feel-good love. Compliment more. Help someone out more. Send love to younger siblings. Live and let love blossom. Let go of the toxic memories and remember the best version of them. Pray for them. Pray for you. 

But don’t you ever go back to something which will not strengthen you, love you or cherish you. 


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