To live and to stay in the moment

Short term happiness is a fleeting feeling. A drug, a high. Yet in this ever fast paced world we live in, everything we do is for a reaction. A short term satisfaction. 

Lusting for someone is a short term feeling. Going out, drinking, smoking, all equate to this feeling of euphoria for a short time. All these seem so enjoyable in the moment, but after a constant cycle of repeating them you begin to see something. Everyday life seems so plain, mundane and tedious. Your mind and body craves the rush and feeling of adrenaline pumping through your system.

Being in love, family and friendships are more under the long term happiness branch. It takes work, hell it takes a lot of effort but it is fruiful, and doesn’t have a shelf life of two days. 

In a time where we’re all chasing the new, and trying to be a little extra, we are only living for the moment. Nothing beyond. This isn’t making any of us happier, just hungry for a feeling which we keep coming back to. 


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