Say it loud. Say it clear. Immigrants are welcome here. 

These are the words of protestors as they are breaking out across America, in disbelief and shock. Donald Trump, the insane businessman with no clear presidential vision is now the President of United States. It makes me sick to repeat this. The same man who is against immigration, believes in shock therapy for homosexuals, feels the precedenting need to build a damn wall and who is a rapist. Yes America, you have voted for a rapist. A man who uses the term “grab women by the p****” is the same man standing on the podium entering the white house. 

The people who feel at ease are superior white male/female figures. Donald Trump will cause them no harm. In fact he will make their lives easier. With a smaller tax for them, it’s happy days for them. Yet the ‘minority’ are feeling far from safe. There is a feeling of apprehension in the air. There is a new sense of fear and despair. There is the blatant racial divide and an eerie awareness of how racist America really is. The election results are a whitelash to Barack Obama. It is a whitelash from white privileged superiors. It is the pounding result of white supremacy.

There is also the scandals that have been left out to the public to chew. The rape “allegations” and remarks proving Americas newest president is also a sexual predator. With no regards to women, their rights, healthcare and abortion this man is set to undo all the work Obama has carried out. Equality is not in his agenda, and what makes me livid is that people would much rather vote for a misogynistic self-conceited man than a woman. America would much rather have a f***ing puppet with the brains of a fish than a woman who has a political background. America claim to have “The American Dream” but feel to vote for an empty headed man than a woman. It’s almost as if America doesn’t trust a woman, yet would rather see their president groping and objectifying a woman for his sexual desires. Considering Hillary is the (lesser) of two evils, I feel America has truly lost hope in many people. 

America will be great again? You sure? Cause last time I checked, the plural included women, muslims, transgender, hispanic, black and the LGBT community. 

America you need to check yourself, before trump wrecks yourselves. 


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