7 months

The thought of losing you is scarier than death itself. and if we were ever to part i would spend the rest of my life dying from the poison of a broken heart.



and they never tell you how to deal with heartbreak over friends

they never tell you how deep the pain runs

but it happens. and you live

but to me you will always be my first love

and no one else can displace the energy and passion i put into you

so i wish you well, but i can’t see this through

you can always call me your home – you could have tried a little harder for us

Ever never lasting 

a man’s love is as conditional as the thing he desires. To what he can get out of it.

a woman’s love is unconditional to what she can put into it. To the potential she sees. 

For the broken hearts 

To mend a broken heart is a fragile journey laced with the intricacies of memories. Short term happiness such as going out and flinging yourself in the arms of another lover is a bittersweet sensation. Long term happiness is where it gets tricky. From deleting conversations and pictures to erasing all record of them, feels good at the time…

But what happens at 4am when you wonder whether they were the one, and you should have put in more effort? What happens when the faint smell of their aftershave sends your mind in a frenzy? What happens when the slight mention of their name still catches your breath?

Love is the answer. Let go of the hate. Let go of the anger you have for them. Love yourself. Immerse yourself in platonic love. Surround yourself with positive, vibrant, feel-good love. Compliment more. Help someone out more. Send love to younger siblings. Live and let love blossom. Let go of the toxic memories and remember the best version of them. Pray for them. Pray for you. 

But don’t you ever go back to something which will not strengthen you, love you or cherish you. 



Beyonce has done it again. Released a full length visual album without any exposure. The one hour feature length film is sassy to say the least and it a honest love letter to herself, and to all woman. There is a progression which you can see shift from the offset of the video, up to the climax.

It is angry, it is provoking, it is empowering and it is mindful. Beyonce hits on all themes of jealousy, apathy, anger to resentment. With her screaming at the camera in a parking lot “Who the f*** do you think you are, you ain’t married to no average b**** boy” to her throwing her wedding ring towards the camera. You can sense the bitterness and heartbreak as she shoots down her husband and talks openly in regards with his adultery.

From the likes of Serena Williams to Zendaya and Amandla Stenberg joining her on this visual embarkment, there is a sense of unity and female empowerment. This is one thing which truly stood out to me. The woman were not used as props but more so a visual element to convey a deeper message.

The connotation of Lemonade taken from her Grandmother’s speech at her 90th birthday, the album is a celebration of the women in her life down to her daughter ‘Blue Ivy.’ She appears during the film from shots taken when Beyonce was pregnant to videos of Jay-Z and Blue playing soccer. Beyonce is more personal with this album. There is a raw element to it. She embraces her flaws and mistakes and in a way is showing her human side. Her vulnerable side, mixed with the strong protagonist she is. There are home made videos laced within the film showing clips from her wedding, where she sings in the backdrop “when love was stronger than your pride.”

With the mothers, daughters and sisters of the victims of police brutality shown, Beyonce voices their battle too. Following controversy regarding her ‘Formation’ video, Beyonce understands the precedent of her power. She is a woman to be reckoned with. This is the exact message she is sending to her husband. “You come home at 3am and lie to me.” Let’s not get it twisted though. The whole album is not just regarding adultery. It is about the underlying police brutality to references to Malcolm X stating black women are ignored.

All in all, if you haven’t watched the feature length film yet, you are missing out on the Lemonade everyone is drinking from.