To live and to stay in the moment

Short term happiness is a fleeting feeling. A drug, a high. Yet in this ever fast paced world we live in, everything we do is for a reaction. A short term satisfaction. 

Lusting for someone is a short term feeling. Going out, drinking, smoking, all equate to this feeling of euphoria for a short time. All these seem so enjoyable in the moment, but after a constant cycle of repeating them you begin to see something. Everyday life seems so plain, mundane and tedious. Your mind and body craves the rush and feeling of adrenaline pumping through your system.

Being in love, family and friendships are more under the long term happiness branch. It takes work, hell it takes a lot of effort but it is fruiful, and doesn’t have a shelf life of two days. 

In a time where we’re all chasing the new, and trying to be a little extra, we are only living for the moment. Nothing beyond. This isn’t making any of us happier, just hungry for a feeling which we keep coming back to. 

For he has forgotten respect

Respect. A social, sometimes more culturally heavy construct engrained in the mind of every young girl, from childhood to adulthood. The respect of a man. The obedience which follows this. The reminder that respect for a man exceeds your own comfortableness.

Yet in this day and age, we are enforcing all our teachings to our daughters yet somehow forgetting that a woman should be respected too. This respect for the female is not taught with the same precedent as for a man. This is where situations arise. Young boys are not taught how to treat a women with respect. These same young boys within the family are pampered by their mothers/grandmothers/aunties in such a way it is sickening. They are wrapped up in cotton. They are led to believe that their status is somehow higher. They forget where the boundary is and do not understand the word “No.” All because this was not taught from an early age.

However when roles are reversed, men are led to believe that their partner/wife should be of an obedient respectful nature. This same attitude is then expected from his children. Yet the respect does not always meet in the middle. To meet an asian father who bears the utmost respect for his daughter is still pending. Women are expected to give and to give but what does the man have to offer. We are told patience, respect and love. Compromise is our second language. So tell me why I should expect no more from a man. Is it because they do not exist? Or is it because they do not wish to mould themselves in a way because they have never been asked?

Why should a girl always speak quieter. Why should a girl never boast of her success. Why let these young boys have everything handed to them.This cultural issue is rooted so deeply, I pray for my children and their children. It will take time to understand. It will take an equal understanding and a different approach in how we upbring our sons and daughters. It is a question of altering and displacing misogyny with equality. It is time for women and MEN (yes I said it, men) to bring up their sons and daughters together. In the same fucking way god damn it. Rant over.



Beyonce has done it again. Released a full length visual album without any exposure. The one hour feature length film is sassy to say the least and it a honest love letter to herself, and to all woman. There is a progression which you can see shift from the offset of the video, up to the climax.

It is angry, it is provoking, it is empowering and it is mindful. Beyonce hits on all themes of jealousy, apathy, anger to resentment. With her screaming at the camera in a parking lot “Who the f*** do you think you are, you ain’t married to no average b**** boy” to her throwing her wedding ring towards the camera. You can sense the bitterness and heartbreak as she shoots down her husband and talks openly in regards with his adultery.

From the likes of Serena Williams to Zendaya and Amandla Stenberg joining her on this visual embarkment, there is a sense of unity and female empowerment. This is one thing which truly stood out to me. The woman were not used as props but more so a visual element to convey a deeper message.

The connotation of Lemonade taken from her Grandmother’s speech at her 90th birthday, the album is a celebration of the women in her life down to her daughter ‘Blue Ivy.’ She appears during the film from shots taken when Beyonce was pregnant to videos of Jay-Z and Blue playing soccer. Beyonce is more personal with this album. There is a raw element to it. She embraces her flaws and mistakes and in a way is showing her human side. Her vulnerable side, mixed with the strong protagonist she is. There are home made videos laced within the film showing clips from her wedding, where she sings in the backdrop “when love was stronger than your pride.”

With the mothers, daughters and sisters of the victims of police brutality shown, Beyonce voices their battle too. Following controversy regarding her ‘Formation’ video, Beyonce understands the precedent of her power. She is a woman to be reckoned with. This is the exact message she is sending to her husband. “You come home at 3am and lie to me.” Let’s not get it twisted though. The whole album is not just regarding adultery. It is about the underlying police brutality to references to Malcolm X stating black women are ignored.

All in all, if you haven’t watched the feature length film yet, you are missing out on the Lemonade everyone is drinking from. 


Does #6side have a problem with women?

April 29 2016. It is here. It is written in flesh. The highly anticipated album from Canadian rapper/singer Drake will be releasing soon with various tracks leaked in order for the extra hype and talk.If you have been living under a rock, I have come with news. Drake is back. Summer is his for the taking. 

The various tracks which are already in the public domain from ‘Come and see me, Faithful, One Dance, Pop Style and Controlla’ have features from the likes of Jay-Z, Kanye West to Pimp-C and Popcaan. There is a pattern forming here if you haven’t already guessed it, or if male entitlement blinds you, but there are no female artists featuring. Thus so far from what I can collect, there probably will be no collab with a female artist. This is saddening to think. The king of exposure, Aubrey Drake Graham can not put a single female yet the smooth talking, get you to bed rapping Drake can continuously sing in regards with the fairer sex.

Let’s break it down for those who do not have the ball park figure. The amount of times Drake has mentioned a women in his songs, and here I’m referring to a sexual desire or experience with them is above/below 129 times. From his first mixtape “Room for Improvement” to what we have gathered from “Views from the 6.” 129. Honey if I didn’t know Drake was a rapper I would have called him out to be a male escort for the taking.

You might argue that, hey there was that song he did with Rihanna and Nicki. Okay if we take that into account, he has collaborated with 4 females. In the landscape of hip-hop and R&B where women are constantly fighting to voice themselves, Drake has collaborated with just 4. It is a shame that the king of Toronto can sign on names such as PARTYNEXTDOOR, Majid Jordan, ILoveMakonnen and Roy Woods but no female artist. I’m sorry, but did all the females suddenly disappear or is there a misogynistic bone in your body Drake, which does not allow you to express your love for women apart from singing out their names and sexually objectifying them? You can’t have it just one way. You can not keep screaming women but not appreciating them for their efforts. You are no way helping women out here. Your music might be sweet ( when I’m not taking in the patriarchal lyrics into account) but women deserve a voice. If not now, when? After your affair with women ends? Because we both know that’s a long way off…

Apathy is the new intimacy


  1. lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.

The new wave of dating but not being in a relationship, is the backbone of today’s youth. It is the root of emotional and mental breakdowns. Intimacy is an artform which we have crafted to no longer exist, aside from the casual hookups. It is the reason why we have the notion of ‘fuckboys’ ‘fuckgirls’ thrown around constantly to give us leverage against each other. This apathy is resonant within the music culture and hip-hop, R&B scene. We have created such a toxic atmosphere where all we hear rappers and singers cry  about all day are from one of the following themes;

  • Why don’t these hoes love me (because hoe is a more empowering term for women, don’t get me started )
  • Why won’t my girl take me back even though I cheated on her. It just doesn’t make sense
  • I enjoy spending my time with various (bad) women but my shawty has got to be (good)
  • I dated a stripper, but if I do refer to her that is what I will call her out on. I will look pass every thing she ever did for me (yes I’m talking about Kanye)
  • Oh I could probably take your girl, because women love running from one man to the other for some reason

These are just a few from the top of my head but they all follow the same genre. It’s tiring being a single woman when you encounter men after men with the same ‘its not that deep’ attitude. Since when was this the answer to everything. Whatever happened to genuine interest and sense of affection and care. Maybe this is all the rage whilst at University, but I guess there are quite a handful of women (apart from me) who crave more. This sense of not caring to show you are alright, is detrimental. It is lonely and it isn’t fruitful. I don’t want to be waiting or not waiting for your text. I don’t want to be lead on just for fun. I don’t want to have to kiss a dozen frogs for my prince.